Slowly Oven-Baked


Our food is slowly oven-baked. It is not manufactured with the extrusion cooking process like most other dog and cat foods on the market. Oven baking brings out the aromas & avors, while making digestion easier for your dog. Thanks to this special cooking process, all essential proteins & vitamins are preserved and more fresh meat is added to every bite. Our real chicken meat recipe, makes our food better tasting! 

Fresh chicken is an excellent protein source for muscle development and body maintenance. Our real chicken meat gives a great taste during the cooking process.

Higher Density


The Oven-Baked TraditionTM food is very complete, compared to other popular dog & cat food on the market. Our lab tests have revealed that 1-cup of our kibbles = 120g of nutrition, compared to only 100g for equal amount of the other brand food. This is an extra 20% of vitamins & nutrition for each serving! 

The choice is simple: there is more nutritional value in every bite of our kibbles; therefore, you will need less food to feed you pet!

Higher Digestibility


Our kibbles are slowly cooked, in our oven, while other brand use the extrusion cooking method. The “extrusion” method, which is a “fast food” way of cooking foods, lets more air in each bite. This tends to expand in the stomach, causing undesirable bloating, leading to discomfort. 

The oven baking process produces an easy-to-digest food.  
Do the test at home: compare what happens when you put some extruded versus oven-baked kibbles in a glass of water. You will be surprised!